At Cherry Blossom Hemp we summarize our products in 5 simple words.

Safe Pure Effective Dependable Relief

Cherry Blossom Hemp is brand of premium hemp-derived extracts headquartered in the Washington, DC Metro area. Our focus and message have always been on the importance of full-spectrum, true-to-the-plant, hemp extracts as a safe & effective way to help get temporary relief of specific ailments. Ailments that are common to all men & women such as relief of everyday stress, situational anxiety, mood disruptions and even occasional aches and pains. The team at Cherry Blossom Hemp has been participating in the U.S. hemp industry since 2017 with the goal of sharing the positive impact of full spectrum hemp extracts, particularly Live Resin, to all those that can benefit from them! Although our products have changed over the years, our belief in the power of full-spectrum hemp extracts have not. We remain passionate about educating the public on hemp, it’s power to boost our economy, save our planet and nurture the human body.


The re-emergence of a worldwide hemp industry has allowed Cherry Blossom Hemp the opportunity to share the importance and effectiveness of this amazing plant, particularly the multitude of beneficial full-spectrum extracts that only hemp can produce. We believe that your health, both physical and mental, can be managed naturally. We also happen to believe that the absorption of key botanical compounds, those primarily found in hemp, the very same one’s found in OUR extracts, can be a very effective way to help achieve this.

Say Hello To The Founders of Cherry Blossom Hemp

Meet Larry

Larry Clark was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and plans to stay in the DMV area for life. He’s the proud father of three wonderful children, grandfather to five and pet parent to Hugo, his lovable pit pull. His primary goals in life are being there for this family so his home is always full of children & Larry is thrilled by that, so is Hugo!

Since childhood one of Larry’s goals have always been to put himself in a position to help others and to share his youthful exuberance with those who needed a boost. In a sense, his helpful & nurturing energy embodies the true “spirit” of Cherry Blossom Hemp.

His positive outlook helps Larry effectively manage Cherry Blossom’s operations department, ensuring we have all the things that we need to service the public as well as making sure that our customers receive their orders is a timely and professional manner.

Almost by accident hemp oil found him when researching potential vendors for our first CBD company. Unfortunately A.D.D. had plagued him from childhood and well into adulthood and it was becoming disruptive to both his work and personal lives. Today, as a daily hemp oil user, Larry feels as though it helps him find calm and a clarity of focus that was once eluding him. Particularly in anxious moments, concentrated hemp oil helps Larry achieve moments of calm with out any intoxicating effects that can inhibit functional behavior.

It’s the all-natural supplement he had been searching for! As a Co-Owner of Cherry Blossom Hemp, he is proud to both offer and stand behind Cherry Blossom’s true-to-the-plant, hemp-derived extracts and share their numerous botanical benefits with the world. To Larry, there is nothing better than being able to help others while doing something that he fully believes in!

Meet Derek

Derek Spruill is a proud family man, businessman and serves as the motivational leader of the Cherry Blossom team. He is mainly responsible for both business development and R&D. A DMV native by way of Eastern North Carolina, he loves his basketball & BBQ as much as he loves his hemp!


Derek is a longtime believer in the statement “plants are nature’s medicine”, particularly phyto-cannabinoids and their therapeutic synergy with critical terpenes.


Derek had his personal moment of discovery when he started incorporating cannabinoids into his post-surgical recovery. After a series of knee & shoulder surgeries, Derek successfully added a regimen of cannabinoids while undergoing physical therapy (often recovering ahead of schedule while using MINIMAL TO NO pharmaceuticals!) Discovering that the cannabinoids were helping him endure painful physical therapy sessions with near miraculous results, he began incorporating them into his post-workout recovery as well. The fact that cannabinoids offered temporary relief of aches, pains & inflammation proved to be a much welcome bonus and naturally encouraged the healing process! Fast forward a few years with the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill, research was now being done on hemp and people all over started discovering the awesome healing power of of this ancient shrub. Using a modest savings, a couple of “friendly” loans, and a series of fortunate meetings, Derek and his childhood friend Larry had the opportunity to help create Cherry Blossom Hemp.


Cherry Blossom helps Derek share his personal discovery with people who also may also want to find more natural, non-intoxicating ways to get temporary relief of everyday ailments like occasional aches and pains. As well as those that may be looking for help managing increased stress levels, situational anxiety & wandering moods. In the end, Derek loves being a part of helping people achieve their overall sense of wellness. Through Cherry Blossom Hemp he is helping people feel like themselves again, naturally!


And fun fact about Derek – he is a classically trained chef. Please keep watching our YouTube Channel for hemp recipe ideas!