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My Friends Are Vaping CBD, How Can It Help Me?

I had a very interesting conversation with a young lady named Amanda who was inquiring about CBD, the cannabinoid compound found most commonly in hemp. She claimed that she was taking something, and anxiety medication, that wasn’t making her feel like the best version of Amanda. She came to us looking for something different, more natural yet effective. Amanda claimed that several of her long time friends had started using it for number of different reasons, with success and she was curious to see she could get relief from CBD also.

Naturally she had questions concerning its safety & effectiveness but more-so about the specific, yet different symptoms that each one of these friends were using CBD to help treat! She could not wrap her head around the fact that this singular cannabinoid, that has been basically illegal for 80 years had the power to help people in so many different ways. Yes Amanda, it is so.

Then it hit me that Amanda was not alone. Amanda is probably like most people out there who don’t fully understand CBD and it’s reach and may be in search of something else, more natural yet effective, to treat specific symptoms. What are those symptoms you may ask and how did the CBD hemp them? to give it some perspective let me give you a few excerpts from our conversation