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My Friends Are Vaping CBD, How Can It Help Me?

I had a very interesting conversation with a young lady named Amanda who was inquiring about CBD, the cannabinoid compound found most commonly in hemp. She claimed that she was taking something, and anxiety medication, that wasn’t making her feel like the best version of Amanda. She came to us looking for something different, more natural yet effective. Amanda claimed that several of her long time friends had started using it for number of different reasons, with success and she was curious to see she could get relief from CBD also.

Naturally she had questions concerning its safety & effectiveness but more-so about the specific, yet different symptoms that each one of these friends were using CBD to help treat! She could not wrap her head around the fact that this singular cannabinoid, that has been basically illegal for 80 years had the power to help people in so many different ways. Yes Amanda, it is so.

Then it hit me that Amanda was not alone. Amanda is probably like most people out there who don’t fully understand CBD and it’s reach and may be in search of something else, more natural yet effective, to treat specific symptoms. What are those symptoms you may ask and how did the CBD hemp them? to give it some perspective let me give you a few excerpts from our conversation

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Live Resin vs Distillate – What’s the Difference?

Over the last decade, the form factors in the hemp & cannabis spaces have shifted dramatically, and with it comes terms like full-spectrum, isolate, live resin, distillate, and broad-spectrum. These are all slightly different kinds of cannabis extracts, with some common denominators.

When it comes to vaping & edible inputs, distillate and live resin are the predominant forms. So what are the differences when it comes to a live resin vs. distillate cartridge? Is one better than the other?

Live resin is made from fresh flowers of the hemp or cannabis plant. At the peak of harvest, the plants are cut down and flash-frozen to preserve the valuable trichomes. The trichomes are the essence of the plant – it’s where the terpenes and cannabinoids are born and live. The frozen hemp flowers are extracted into what is known as live resin. The plant’s terpene profile remains intact when using fresh flowers, providing a rich flavor and complex aromatic extract. It’s bursting with terpenes, tasting like fresh fruit, musky mangoes, or astringent herbs. The terpenes are genuinely alive in live resin in that they were never “cured” or dried.

Once a hemp plant is cut, dried, and cured, it can be extracted into oil. Distillate is made from another type of extract. When making distillate, the crude oil undergoes a process called fractional short-path distillation. Using heat and pressure, you can extract all of the cannabis compounds individually since they each have a different boiling point. Usually, the goal of distillation is to separate the desired cannabinoid (CBD, THC, etc) to make a highly potent product in the form of a clear, odorless liquid.

In short, Live Resin = a vast array of terpenes, flavonoids & cannabinoids. Better taste + broader high. Live Resin is also a product that has the ability to provide a strain-specific experience. This experience would be the closest resemblance of the effects that you would get from smoking hemp flower. Distillate = high potency, specific cannabinoid and has the benefit of being clear & odorless (terpenes are distilled out during the extraction process), making it highly valuable as an edible input for those seeking something that doesn’t taste like cannabis.

The Vaping Experience

When debating live resin-infused distillate vs. pure distillate, it ultimately comes down to the user’s preference for taste and experience. Sometimes you want to vape a vibrant, juicy live resin that leaves you salivating with taste and an experience left more well-rounded by the additional cannabinoid content. Sometimes you need to be a little more discreet and want an odorless distillate or crave botanically derived (non-cannabis/hemp) flavors such as fruit flavors.

When it comes to the experience associated with each, live resin-infused distillate tends to produce similar effects to what you would feel if you smoked the dried hemp flower. In the case of Live Resin infused distillate, it provides the most cannabis-like experience while still maintaining compliance. The distillate will produce a more intense experince at first, but it tends to be short-lived since there is a lack of other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes to engage the entourage effect.

Cherry Blossom Hemp’s Live CBD

Our live resin is made from curated cultivars selected from top breeders and chosen for their beneficial cannabinoid and terpene profiles. After processing our fresh frozen, whole plant material, we then potentiate it with live CBD distillate. Our reasoning for this is that it creates a product that gives you the best of both worlds. High potency, high terpene content, variety of cannabinoids & directed and a strain-specific experience.

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Hydrocarbon Extraction – What you need to know

An extraction method that uses a hydrocarbon solvent to extract cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), and terpenes found in the cannabis plant, creating a concentrated product. The solvent is typically butane or propane, which allows for low boiling points and high pressure, making them the industry standard for quality. When mixed with the solvent, the plant material is stripped of the desired compounds (cannabinoids for example). Then through different methods of refinement, the isolate is processed into a concentrated extract which can be used to create a variety of products such as oils, shatter, wax, and others. When done correctly the extracts will contain little to no hydrocarbon residue after the extraction is complete. Due to its low cost, output quality, and efficiency, hydrocarbon extraction has become a popular method for the refining of cannabis plant material.

Cherry Blossom Extracts partners with local farmers growing plants with the highest quality genetics. Using state of the art equipment and specialized extraction techniques, we process that plant material into concentrates that meet the utmost standard of purity. Whether you have biomass you need processed or would like to buy specialized extractions in bulk, we can meet your specific needs.