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What is hemp rosin and how can it benefit me? 

Rosin is a full spectrum cannabis extract made using heat and pressure—cannabis plant material is placed in a press with heated pads and then compressed, producing hot oil when right out of the press. As it cools it becomes Ike a sheet of golden honey, similar to that of shatter but with more sheen & much more pliable than shatter. Rosin is widely considered to be a “cleanest” or purest of all the cannabinoid extracts because the process is in essence solventless, no solvents or chemicals other than all natural CO2 are used when creating rosin. CO2 is available all around us and the human body even produces CO2 so it is certainly not a foreign substance to humans in the least. Once pressed and cooled you’re left with a high quality cannabinoid extract that is not only cannabinoid rich but actually on with the terpene profile of the original plant completely encapsulated. Rosin is truly a treat to the senses as it is both fragrant and flavorful!

 Almost all other cannabinoid extraction processes require an alcohol like ethanol or a gas like butane or propane to convert raw plant matter into consumable extracts. The process was originally used to create rosin for violin bows, which is where the rosin gets its name.  

Can I make Rosin at Home?

The beautiful part about rosin is that anyone can make it! All you would need is either a countertop DIY rosin press, a t-shirt press or even a straightening iron for hair! No special equipment or advanced degree is needed. There is an almost zero chance of blowing yourself up (I say almost zero because I have NO doubt some of you could actually manage to do it) and you can make it out of most usable form of hemp or cannabis. It can also be produced from trim, kief, or hash, just rests it out. 

Pressing trim, kief, or hash into rosin will produce a nice, refined extract however not nearly the quality of finished product than if you pressed some nice frosty nugs.

Another bonus about Rosin is that it is ready within roughly three minutes. A few short minutes after you press can consume it! Also rosin doesn’t require any extra steps to purify or purge the the extracted oil of any residual solvents. Other cannabis extractions methods, as in hydrocarbon extraction, require are further refining or off-gassing to remove other compounds and residual solvents. 

The higher the quality of the input material, the higher the quality of the rosin. As they say in extraction “fire in, fire out”!

Why Use Rosin?

 People who consume rosin are generally looking for optimal terpene profile for flavor. They tend to dab at lower temperatures for the purpose of getting the absolute best flavor in each and every dab, plus the terpenes, vaporized at the correct temperature completely enhance and round out the experience. 

If you haven’t tried it, the experience is well worth it!

Resin vs Rosin

You often hear the terms resin and rosin. Here at cherry Blossom Hemp we specialize in more resins than rosins but we are not opposed to them. We celebrate them both, truth be told. So whats the difference? 

Rosin and Resin are two very similar terms, both describing full spectrum cannabis concentrates but different and how they get from plant matter to finished product. Generally speaking, resin is the sticky substance secreted by trichomes on marijuana plants. If you smoke enough flower in a pipe or bong, most of us are familiar with that buildup of black resin in it. That’s the spent residue of the resinous trichomes. Let’s call that “Dead Resin”.

Resin and “Live” Resin are simply types of concentrate extracted from cannabis through a solvent extraction method, involving petroleum based hydrocarbons like butane, propane, and hexane. Because these gasses are explosive this is done in a certified lab and thru a closed-loop extraction system where the solvents are returned to a collection and once they have sufficiently extracted all of the cannabinoids and vital terpenes. 

Rosin and “Live” Rosin are extracted utilizing heat and pressure, without any chemicals or solvents. In their mostly basic forms resin and rosin are made from dried cannabis material. 

These two extracts are both rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, are full of flavor and enjoyed more for flavor a terpene effect than purely CBD or THC. Interestingly they become “live” simply by  flash freezing the hemp or marijuana as soon as it’s harvested to preserve critical and volatile terpene profiles. Think frozen veggies!  Live extract simply use frozen nugs as input material as opposed to dried flower. 

The process for making rosin is generally more labor-intensive and costly, as it must be done by hand, so rosins tend to be a bit more expensive than resins. Both are very effective, cannabinoid and terpene rich and always full of flavor. No burned or charred taste here, just pure enjoyment and the same flavor every single time!


Yes as long as it’s made from hemp and not cannabis, enjoy all you want. By the letter of the 2018 Farm Bill Hemp and Hemp extracts are available for sale in use all of United States. That Farm Bill made them federally legal and transportable.

If you have tried rosin or a regular rosin consumer we want to hear about your experience. It helps us help others. Please feel free to send us your comments, your reviews or just talk about your experience!