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Full-Spectrum CBD Diamonds


Ultra-Concentrated Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract – 85% Total CBD

Cherry Blossom’s Hemp’s Full Spectrum CBD Diamonds begin with premium American-grown hemp flower. The hemp is then dried and cured before being extracted, resulting in a concentrated, cannabinoid-rich extract that is activated and ready to consume in a multitude in ways. The versatility of hemp derived CBD Diamonds, due to it’s high CBD content and absence of both flavor and smell, makes it a very popular choice among a broad range of consumers. There are multiple ways to administer and enjoy our full spectrum CBD Diamonds, particularly if you’re looking for specific symptom relief. It most commonly vaped OR used as a flower topper. Diamonds are a form of crystallized CBD but will liquify when warmed where it can be used orally as an addition to your favorite food or beverage and can even be used as an enhancement to your favorite topical application. Finding the best way for YOU can be fun, exciting and educational.

Cherry Blossom Hemp’s CBD Diamonds are a full-spectrum, 100% hemp derived concentrate that has undergone additional processing to remove Delta-9 THC, leaving only trace amounts (<.03%). The entire profile of the plant …. flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids …. are still present in this extract. These highly sought-after additions cannot be found in traditional Broad Spectrum or in CBD Isolate based products, making our Full Spectrum CBD Diamonds quite versatile and most importantly, effective!

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