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Whole Hemp Extract


The name is indicative of the simplicity of this product, full spectrum hemp extract in an organic, cold pressed hemp seed carrier oil. Cherry Blossom’s Whole Hemp is a true-to-the-plant extract offers all the effects of CBD as well as minor cannabinoids  including CBN, CBG, THC, and CBC! Processed using  both subcritical & super-critical CO2 Extraction techniques giving this extracts full flavor while leaving no residual solvents, heavy metals or mycotoxins behind!
Whole Hemp is so versatile you can use it in THREE (3) different ways, as a sublingual, directly on to your skin as a topical or orally by adding to your favorite food, recipe or beverage. One bottle with 3 different uses! At 48/grams of CBD per milliliter, our Whole Hemp Extract is simple yet powerful and versatile. Packaged in lightproof 30ml bottle to protect life of the product.
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